Automatic smart contract

+25% monthly profit

Deposit return after 30 days, 100% deposit + 25% profit

Open source ETH cryptocurrency distribution project.

Safe investment and lifetime revenue guaranteed by Blockchain Ethereum!


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How it works?

Top up smart contract on any sum from 0.01 ETH and get 0.83% daily from your investment on your Ethereum wallet. Full return of your initial deposit after 30 days.

Smart contract makes automatic payments to your wallet. Our automated ETH cryptocurrency distribution model is written in the smart contract and loaded in Etherium blockchain (which prevents any financial misconduct), with an activated “waiver” function to prevent anyone from meddling with its autonomous work.

Send desired amount of investment in ETH currency on the smart contract address

The smart contract will remember your wallet and investment balance. We recommend using Metamask for balance deposit and withdrawal, but you may use another wallet application.

Every 24 hours the smart contract will pay +0.83% dividends to your wallet

This way you will generate a daily profit of +0.83%. This will last as long as there is a positive balance of ETH on the contract. In 30 days net profit will be +25%.

Full return of initial deposit after 30 days

After 30 days from initial investment the smart contract will completely return it to your wallet.


You may reinvest in the smart contract anytime.

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25% monthly profit smart contract

+25% monthly profit is a new generation investment project, within Ethereum Blockchain. The project smart contract is checked for safety by an independent audit, and has a confirmed disclaimer of ownership. The smart contract code is open for all to see on The contract code may run only the functions already written in it and can not be changed or deleted. This guarantees absolute transparency and honesty of the project. The contracts developers can not manipulate it in any way.


10% Partnership program

Get a +10% bounty from investments made by those led by your partnership link! Bounty payments are transferred automatically in ETH. To participate login to your profile and copy your partnership link. Spread your partnership link and get bounties. We attach investors that came by your link to your account forever! Even if someone invests a few days after that visit by your link you will receive your bounty regardlesss.


How safe is this?

The smart contract, and its code (that the project uses) is loaded within Ethereum Blockchain with an activated waiver function. This means that no one has access to it and it is impossible to manipulate its autonomous work.
However, you should be responsible, and refrain from investing your last or borrowed funds.

Why Ethebit?

Only our project returns full deposit + 25% net profit after 30 days.

What happens with the project if the site stops working?

The site is made for informational purposes and if it stops working, for whatever reason, it will not in any way influence the projects autonomous work, pay outs, or investments.

What happens with the project if its developers quit

The project is fully autonomous, its smart contract code is loaded within Ethereum blockchain without any ownership (by waiver). The developers are unable to influence the project.

Any questions?

We will be glad to answer them! Simply join our chat and ask